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The problem

Physical infrastructure is huge, undeveloped, monitoring-and-control market-opportunity (highways, railroads, borders, pipelines, power-lines, bridges, optical-networks and more). There are very strong drivers to turn it into smart-network, with advance monitoring capabilities, but the massive, potential cost investments combined with limited ability to achieve reliable and high-quality detection data over very long distances is preventing this progress. 

The challenge

Fiberoptic sensing (using very long, tens of km, fibers as sensors) is probably the most cost effective, robust and reliable approach for long infrastructure monitoring, but 3 major problems prevent it from being a widely spread solution: high false alarm rate, poor target classification and very limited ability to use already installed optical communication fibers as sensors.


Prisma-Photonics’ platform is a new approach (patent pending) to Fiberoptic Sensing, enabling ultra-sensitive detection and intelligent learning detection unit targeting to revolutionize the Fiberoptic Sensing market by increasing dramatically the detection sensitivity and solving the 3 major problems mentioned. It will open a huge potential markets, like: Smart-Mobility (highways and railroads monitoring), borders control, pipelines leakage, optical network physical cyber security, infrastructure condition monitoring, etc.


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