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“Transforming Physical Infrastructure into Smart Network” 

About Us

Prisma’s next-generation, “sensor-free” solution monitors long-range infrastructure and delivers accurate event identification and classification in real time.

Prisma is cost effective and low maintenance, and it has been adopted by a range of Tier-1 customers in North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. 

Our products are designed to monitor electrical power lines, oil & gas pipelines, subsea pipelines and cables, railways, borders, perimeters, smart roads, and physical cyber security optical communications networks.

The Vision – Smart Monitoring for Long-Range Infrastructure

Physical infrastructure is a huge and developing market opportunity. Many drivers in the market are pushing for the rapid digitization of long-range physical infrastructure and for the transformation of physical infrastructure into smart networks.

Until now, massive investment was required to achieve advanced monitoring capabilities – as a very limited number of technologies could achieve the high-quality detection of data over long distances that infrastructure requires. 

Prisma has changed this reality, providing a cost-effective solution that addresses the challenges of monitoring extensive infrastructure over long distances.

The Challenges of Infrastructure Monitoring Today

Monitoring systems involving thousands of sensors along long-range infrastructure are expensive for deployment, operation, and maintenance. 

The alternative is Fiber Sensing – i.e., using long fibers as sensors. Taking advantage of pre deployed Fiber-for optic sensing is probably the most cost effective, robust, and reliable approach for long-range infrastructure monitoring. But until Prisma, the solutions that were available on the market suffered from four main problems: 

  • Limited ability to make use of pre-deployed fiber-optic cables, i.e., the need to deploy new, dedicated, fiber-optic cables

  • Low sensitivity levels and poor event classification, resulting in high false alarms rates 

  • Limited range, creating a challenging business model

The Solution – Highly Sensitive Detection combined with Intelligent-Learning Classification

Prisma’s monitoring solution uses our patented, Hyper-Scan Fiber-SensingTM technology – enabling ultra-sensitive detection along long-range infrastructure and a classification process based on intelligent learning. The solution improves  safety and reliability while reducing the cost of maintenance.

Prisma’s approach solves the key problems of existing fiber-sensing solutions by eliminating the need to install thousands of dedicated sensors – by leveraging pre-existing fiber-optic cables as “sensors” for long-range infrastructure (even when cables are in conduits in ditches or are overhead cables).

Prisma also provides 100x sensitivity improvement over existing solutions, allowing us to: 

  • Detect and identify the precise signature of each event at a resolution that allows classification of events and definition of their locations with unprecedented accuracy

  • Drastically reduce false positive & negative alarm rates (FAR) as well as nuisance alarm rates (NAR), and offer a significant improvement in signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) 

Moreover, the operational range of a system – while connected to one side of a single fiber – reaches up to 100 km.

Our Unique Value Proposition

Prisma’s platform offers two unique value propositions: 

  • A smart infrastructure approach that’s “sensor free” – No need to install any sensors along the infrastructure; Prisma’s solution is plug & play, with upgrades that are software based; no hardware upgrades are necessary

  • A disruptive DaaS (Data as a Service) business model with a Pay as You Grow approach – An alternative to the extensive CAPEX commitment and cost models that exist today for smart-infrastructure projects

Meet Our Team

Prisma was founded by a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in the fields of lasers, electro-optics, detection systems, signal and image processing, algorithms, and fiber sensing. 

Prisma’s team has a proven track record of building companies in the laser and photonics domains – from incorporation to profitability, global leadership, and M&A. Over the years, the team has won multiple prizes in the Industry for innovation and technical leadership. 

Prisma’s activity is backed and funded by leading investors. 

Our Awards

Prisma has won the industry’s most prestigious awards for innovation: 

special award by ATLAS Elektronik GmbH
2020 Prism Awards
Top 100 Startups list 2020
GCA Challenge 2019
Accelerate 2 Initiate! 2019
Seal of Excellence 2019
Innovators Award 2018
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