Senior DevOps Developer

Written By Prisma PhotonicsNovember 7, 20211 minute

Prisma Photonics develops a multi-layer and multi-technology-based product that requires continuous online integration in an elastic development environment. We are searching for a DevOps lead engineer to enhance our CI/CD for on-prem and cloud architectures. You will be responsible for our IaaS design and the ongoing provisioning and configuration of computing and storage resources in this role. You will automate the installation and deployment of our edge computing software. In addition, you will provide the tools for our operations to monitor and track statistics of our resources. We continuously grow and need to adapt and scale our infrastructure to more products and a growing span of big customers.



  • 2+ years of experience as a DevOps developer in both on-prem and public cloud environments
  • Extensive knowledge of build, provisioning, and deployment services and tools such as Jenkins, Artifactory, Ansible, CloudFormation, or their equivalents
  • 2+ Years of programming experience in high-level or scripting languages
  • Skilled in tuning into development processes and aiming ahead of the development requirements
  • Able to challenge yourself and the team members positively


  • B.Sc. in computer science
  • Strong knowledge of Windows networking
  • Strong knowledge of Linux systems
  • Proficient with hardware setup and IT