Agile E.ON Names Prisma Photonics as a Winner of the Accelerate 2 Initiate! Competition

 Written By  Prisma Photonics Dezember 16, 2019 2 minutes

Combining expertise and a major industry player network, Agile E.ON has selected Prisma Photonics innovative solution for sensor-free infrastructure monitoring

Prisma Photonics, a leading provider of smart monitoring solutions for physical infrastructures, announced today that the company was chosen as a winner of the Accelerate 2 Initiate! competition by Agile: E.ON.

E.ON is a global electric utility based in Germany. It is one of the world’s largest investor-owned electric utility service providers. Agile:E.ON is the expertise bridge between E.ON and the energy startups and creates business impact leveraging the  immense network of major industry player E.ON.

During the 2019 European Utility Week, during the Accelerate 2 Initiate! program, Prisma Photonics presented its technology, products and a number of selected PoC results to leading European utilities.

Prisma Photonics was chosen by Agile:E.ON and a jury of leading experts for its disruptive technology and business model.

„As Prisma Photonics, we are proud to be one of the winners and to have the unique chance to cooperate with E.ON. Our solution uses optical fibers that are already deployed along electrical powerlines and oil & gas pipelines for precise monitoring which dramatically improves maintenance, safety and security“ said Dr. Eran Inbar, CEO of Prisma Photonics.

„This win allows us to gain increased recognition of our solution from 2020 on, especially during our early commercial deployments.“

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About Prisma Photonics

Founded in 2017, Prisma Photonics provides next-generation fiber sensing for smart infrastructure, enabling a new level of monitoring sensitivity. It generates unparalleled data quality that supports better detection and target classification capabilities while dramatically reducing false positive and negative alarm rates.

The platform transforms long-range infrastructure monitoring for a wide range of sectors, including smart roads, railways, powerlines, optical networks and pipelines. With its proprietary approach, Prisma Photonics provides ultra-sensitive detection and intelligent learning detection using preexisting optical communication fibers as “sensors.”

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Mr. Rudy Leser info@prismaphotonics.com

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