PTC 2021 Session: A Robust Qualification of Fiber-Sensing for Leak Detection, based on Hyper-Scan technology

 Written By  Anna Frenkel April 6, 2021 2 minutes

The 16th Pipeline Technology Conference (PTC) was held virtually this year in March. Prisma Photonics was a conference sponsor. Dr. Eran Inbar gave a session dealing robust qualification of fiber-sensing for leak detection based on hyper-scan technology.

The session discussed the advantages of using Hyper-Scan Fiber Sensing™ for pipeline monitoring over regular DAS applications and gave real-world examples of leak detection and third-party intrusion. The session is available for watching through the conference page (link).

The conference paper, published during PTC 2021, looks further into the benefits of Prisma Photonics’ next-generation fiber sensing technology, the high grade of data collected, and the new levels of event classification and reduction of false alarms achieved.

Head over to the Pipeline Technology Conference session page



About Prisma Photonics

Founded in 2017, Prisma Photonics provides next-generation fiber sensing for smart infrastructure, enabling a new level of monitoring sensitivity. It generates unparalleled data quality that supports better detection and target classification capabilities while dramatically reducing false positive and negative alarm rates.

The platform transforms long-range infrastructure monitoring for a wide range of sectors, including smart roads, railways, powerlines, optical networks and pipelines. With its proprietary approach, Prisma Photonics provides ultra-sensitive detection and intelligent learning detection using preexisting optical communication fibers as “sensors.”


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