Senior Data Scientist

Tel Aviv - Israel

Prisma Photonics, a fast-growing startup, transforms infrastructure monitoring with optical fibers. We eliminate the need for extra sensors by offering sensor-free solutions to monitor electrical power grids and oil & gas pipelines across thousands of kilometers.

Our fiber-sensing technology, integrated with AI and machine learning, enables our customers to achieve environmental and renewable energy targets, ensuring smooth utility operations on their path to net-zero emissions.

We are looking for the best minds and spirits to join us in our journey. We know our product is only as great as the individuals building the hardware and software and harnessing data for good causes. Being a great team member means being eager to learn and grow, able to challenge while accepting being challenged, and working for the team and the product with enthusiasm and passion.

We are now hiring a Senior Data Scientist, with the experience, skills and data-driven reasoning to take a leading role in solving our core data science challenges. To meet these, You will be expected to exhibit outside-of-the-box thinking and leadership skills, while collaborating with the engineering, hardware, data and field application teams.

As a member of our Power AI team at Prisma Photonics, you will tackle unique challenges in the domain of Optical Fiber Sensing in electric power lines. Fiber Sensing data measures the acoustic signal along an optical fiber which can be interpreted as a continuous acoustic signal originating from tens of thousands of microphones spanning over hundreds of kilometers. You will cultivate a deep familiarity with this domain and research novel ML approaches that address domain specific challenges.



●   Devise, initiate and manage machine learning projects for solving challenging problems in the Power domain.

●   Develop cutting edge models for regression, classification, time series forecasting, and more.

●   Use advanced data analysis and visualization tools to gain insights from diverse real-world physical data.

●   Proactively seek new directions for tackling hard-to-crack problems, including devising real-world experiments and data collection, and collaborating with fellow physicists and engineers.

●   Learn new topics and conduct literature reviews to gain deep familiarity with relevant physical domains, such as optics, acoustic vibrations and weather forecasting.

●   Work in a dynamic environment of short life cycle research and development.


●  Motivated, eager to tackle challenges with a “can do attitude”.

●  Excellent communication and teamwork skills.

●  Proven track record of excellence in solving machine learning challenges.

●  At least 5 years of experience in the industry.

●  Strong Python programming skills.

●  Strong Data analysis and Presentation skills.

●  Advanced degree (M.Sc or higher) in a relevant field (Computer Science, EE, Physics, etc).

●  Experience with Digital Signal Processing.

●  Experience with ML and numerical libraries (NumPy, Pandas, Scikit-learn, Pytorch, etc.)


●  Experience with designing and training Deep Learning models.

●  Experience with Sensors / Physical Signals.

●  Experience with Statistics, Time series and forecasting models.

●  Familiarity with MLOps tools and working with ML pipelines.

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