PrismaRoad keeps your roads up and running, monitoring long road assets.

How it works

Road Response-ability at Scale

PrismaRoad enables highway operators to monitor their road assets accurately for hundreds and thousands of kilometers in real-time without installing any additional sensors. Making these roads into smart roads without the nuisance of false alarms.

The highway and freeway system is the transportation backbone. Road operators need to deal with managing their assets, alerting on unplanned accidents and congestion. Keeping your highway running smoothly is hard. We know it, and we’re here to help.

PrismaRoad monitors roads without the need to install extra sensors on the road. Instead, it’s an easy deployment, utilizing the existing optical fiber laid along the road. PrismaRoad identifies accidents, cars stopping on shoulders, congestion, flow, and nearby suspicious activities. 

With a short ramp-up time and effort, PrismaRoad is effective on the installation day. Reflecting a significant cost reduction in road monitoring, it is a solution that is always there, 24×7, anywhere, anytime, and in any weather.

It is your response-ability at a highway scale.

We’ve put together everything you should know about PrismaRoad in a nifty two-page brochure.

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Use Cases

  • Accident detection
  • Car on the shoulder alert
  • Car speeding alert
  • Average speed of traffic
  • Congestion
  • Journey time between
  • Vehicle count flow
  • Rockfall and landslide events

Solution Architecture

Road operators have deployed fiber optic cables along their roads for years. PrismaRoad turns the existing optical fiber into a set of highly sensitive distributed sensors extending for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. The solution connects to one single dark fiber at a communications station, sensing the entire road. PrismaRoad’s machine learning algorithms take the detailed data collected on the road to detect and classify events, pinpointing them to exact locations in real-time. As a result, alerts have unprecedented accuracy – removing the nuisance of false alarms.​

All the information and alerts are concentrated into one command and control center. This way, PrismaRoad can continue scaling with the highway system. Moreover, with the revolutionary Pay-as-You-Grow service model – PrismaRoad is your way to take off some of the burdens of responsibility.

Illustration of cards on a high road with sensors and computer screen connected

Key Features

Key Feature

Fast deployment

Key Feature


Key Feature

Pay as
you grow

Key Feature

Fast time to

Key Feature

Accurate & Robust

Close enough is never enough

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