PrismaCapacity increases grid capacity via Advanced Line Ratings (DLR, AAR).

How it works

Increase Capacity via Grid Enhancing Technologies

Advanced line ratings such as Dynamic Line Rating (DLR) and Ambient Adjusted Rating (AAR) enable the transmission grid to handle more electricity efficiently. More capacity on the existing grid is crucial in an era of increasing renewable energy sources and growing power demands. Advanced rating optimizes existing infrastructure, reducing the need for costly new lines and enhancing grid reliability amidst evolving energy landscapes.

PrismaCapacity™, a part of the PrismaPower™ suite of grid monitoring solutions, is a revolutionary approach to dynamic line rating. It offers AAR and on top of that, PrismaCapacity can also measure wind data for thousands of miles or kilometers on every span, using the optical fiber on top of the transmission tower (OPGW). PrismaCapacity eliminates the need to install sensors and collects real-time, highly detailed, focused wind data across all transmission line spans. It complies with the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) order 881, with AAR, and is a more accurate and safer DLR.

We’ve put together everything you should know about PrismaCapacity in a nifty two-page brochure.

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Measuring Wind on Every Span

Not depending on sensors installed on wires or towers PrismaCapacity measures wind metrics on every line span between any two towers. Scale matters and PrismaCapacity is the only Distributed DLR monitoring solution that pin-points the bottleneck span all along the line and scales up to grid sizes. This method accounts for the varying geographies and topologies power lines traverse, which can significantly impact wind cooling effectiveness.

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Solution Architecture

For the last 20 years, transmission system operators have deployed fiber optic cables as part of their transmission grid. PrismaCapacity turns the existing Optical Ground Wire (OPGW) into a set of highly sensitive distributed sensors extending for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. The solution connects to one single dark fiber at a substation, sensing the grid. PrismaCapacity’s machine learning algorithms take the detailed data collected on the grid to detect and classify events, pinpointing them down to tower locations in real-time. As a result, alerts have unprecedented accuracy – removing the nuisance of false alarms.​

All the information and alerts are concentrated into one command and control center so PrismaCapacity can continue scaling with the grid. Moreover, with the revolutionary Pay-as-You-Grow service model – PrismaCapacity is your way to take off some of the burdens of responsibility.

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Key Features

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Accurate & Robust

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