Prisma Photonics’ Hyper-Scan Fiber-Sensing™ is the best solution for monitoring long-range infrastructure.

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Fiber Sensing – Looking Far Beyond

Prisma Photonics solutions monitor the most critical infrastructure using existing optical fiber, which is turned into a distributed acoustic sensor, extending for hundreds and thousands of kilometers. Sensing every point on the asset in real-time, collecting highly detailed acoustic signatures fed into a machine learning algorithm. The algorithms classify the data, ignoring noise and interferences, providing accurate alerts without false alarms.

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How it Works

Prisma Photonics Fiber Sensing works by connecting an optical interrogator unit into a standard single-mode optical fiber. It is one fiber, part of a cable laid alongside the monitored asset, probably for communications purposes. The Interrogator transmits optical pulses that propagate down the fiber. A minute fraction of the light is reflected from each point along the fiber. The Interrogator measures the reflected light to determine the strain, temperature, pressure, and other quantities over hundreds of kilometers of fiber with sub-meter resolution. The fiber is turned into a continuous acoustic sensor – as if there were tens of thousands of microphones spanning hundreds of kilometers.  

Prisma Photonics Hyper-Scan™ is a quantum leap over first-generation fiber sensing technologies. The quality of the data gathered is so high that the algorithmic engine, using a mixture of machine learning and mathematical algorithms, can accurately classify events and not just detect unusual signals. This unprecedented level of data produces reliable alerts in real-time, with meters of accuracy while drastically reducing false-positive & negative alarm rates (FAR) and nuisance alarm rates (NAR).


Any Fiber

Works with any existing type of fiber without the need for specialty optical fiber.

Distributed Sensing

Measures at every point of the asset, unlike the standard array of discrete sensors.

100x Greater Sensitivity

A technological quantum leap, 100 times more sensitive than first-generation sensors.

Ai-driven Classification

Machine learning grade data allows for accurate classification of events beyond detection.

Key Differentiators

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100x more accurate

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Ai driven classification

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Using single mode fiber

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Distributed sensing

Smart and Intuitive Interface

Prisma Photonics units connect to one command and control interface. Alerts and information can also be integrated with SCADA, Digital Twins, or other central control systems.

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Close enough is never enough

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