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Prisma Photonics receives special award by ATLAS Elektronik GmbH (A thyssenkrupp company)

 Written By  Anna Frenkel September 17, 2020 2 minutes

TheDOCK organized a 3-months startups challenge carried out for thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (tkMS) and ATLAS ELEKTRONIK (a maritime technology company owned by tkMS).

The call for startups to apply for a “Maritime Autonomous Systems Challenge” was launched on June 2020, seeking innovative technologies and solutions in the area of unmanned and autonomous systems (for more details about the process and challenges

Almost 100 startups applied from Israel and around the globe and tkMS and ATLAS challenge experts have chosen the 8 finalists to showcase their solution and its applicable use case at a virtual event that took place on Sep 17th.

Prisma Photonics was selected for its unique Hyper Scan Fiber-Sensing™ technology by ATLAS Elektronik sonar department.

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About Prisma Photonics

Founded in 2017, Prisma Photonics provides next-generation fiber sensing for smart infrastructure, enabling a new level of monitoring sensitivity. It generates unparalleled data quality that supports better detection and target classification capabilities while dramatically reducing false positive and negative alarm rates.

The platform transforms long-range infrastructure monitoring for a wide range of sectors, including smart roads, railways, powerlines, optical networks and pipelines. With its proprietary approach, Prisma Photonics provides ultra-sensitive detection and intelligent learning detection using preexisting optical communication fibers as “sensors.”


Media contact:

Mr. Eyal Assa

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