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100km Pipeline Monitoring: Record Length for Intrusion and Leakage Detection

 Written By  Anna Frenkel March 30, 2020 2 minutes

Prisma Photonics demonstrated record length of 100km oil & gas pipeline monitoring, in the 15th Pipeline Technology Conference, 2020

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Prisma Photonics submitted a presentation this week at Europe’s Leading Pipeline Conference and Exhibition – the 15th Pipeline Technology Conference 2020. The conference is running as scheduled from March 30 to April 2, but it is only taking place online, due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In the presentation, Dr. Eran Inbar spoke about 100 km pipeline monitoring – a record length for intrusion and leakage detection. He demonstrated a record length of distributed acoustic fiber sensing (DAS) for pipeline monitoring and illustrated how both intrusion (third party interference) and leakage can be detected.

Dr. Eran Inbar discussed how an ultra-sensitive architecture enables record length detection (100km for a single fiber sensing system or 200km for dual system), while advanced classification capabilities minimizes both false and nuisance alarms.

Targets are localized (with a high resolution of few meters) and classified (into the target’s type and activity type). He emphasized that while conventional (DAS) fiber sensing is limited to 20-50 km, increasing the effective range to 100 km can dramatically decrease the number of systems and number of stations needed for long range pipeline monitoring.

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About Prisma Photonics

Founded in 2017, Prisma Photonics provides next-generation fiber sensing for smart infrastructure, enabling a new level of monitoring sensitivity. It generates unparalleled data quality that supports better detection and target classification capabilities while dramatically reducing false positive and negative alarm rates.

The platform transforms long-range infrastructure monitoring for a wide range of sectors, including smart roads, railways, powerlines, optical networks and pipelines. With its proprietary approach, Prisma Photonics provides ultra-sensitive detection and intelligent learning detection using preexisting optical communication fibers as “sensors.”

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